Bike and motorbike Museum (Musée du vélo et de la moto) in Domazan (30390) (15 mn) alongside the road RN100 to Avignon (click  to enlarge)

Cave des Côtes du Rhône. Example : Château de Bosc in Domazan (15 mn)
      Dicover our high-quality products on an exceptional soil: Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Villages as well as our home-made olive oil.which deliciously smells of Provence (click to enlarge).

Cave de Lirac.Example: Prieuré Saint Sixte, a great wine grand cru of the Rhone valley in Lirac (20 mn) RN 580 St Laurent des Arbres (click to enlarge)


The town of Uzés, its duchy, its antique dealers. Example: Provence antiquités galerie St Julien 30 boulevard Gides 30700 Uzés.


Le Pont du Gard (Roman bridge). site+ museum


The Roman town of Nîmes : the amphitheatre, maison carrée ("Square House"), ferias for Pentecost and durng the harvest)


Avignon : Palace of the Popes, Pont d'Avignon ("Avignon bridge"), its theatre festival.

  The picturesque village of Castillon is one of France's most beautiful villages (500 m).


Uzès : its duchy, its provençal open market.